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C-L-A-W-S Domino

Casper aka Domino

The help line rang :  it was the owner of a local cattery asking for our help in trapping a cat that had turned up at his premises.   He suspected it was a feral from a local stables where it had been placed to control the rodent population.

It was trapped that same day and, as a temporary measure, was put in a pen at Bear Cottage pending its onward transmission to a farm.

It soon became apparent that it was not a feral but yet another abandoned domestic as within a few days it was out and about in its pen making friends with its carers.   We gave it time to settle and then took it to the vet to have an MOT and to see if it were chipped : it wasn’t.    It was a young unneutered male about 2 years old, fit and healthy.

We called him DOMINO.
Over the past few months he has settled in and made friends with the other cats :  he is an engaging lad , very vocal and full of mischief.   He loves to chase Ziva.   She takes refuge on the top of her scratching post with Domino hovering at its base.  You can almost hear her saying "Now what are you going to do ?” !

He has learned to play and likes toys that involve interaction with his carer.   He is particularly fond of a brightly striped "snake” of material attached to a handle.

We thought he would benefit from a little longer at C.L.A.W.S. but when a couple rang asking if we had an indoor cat and seemed "to fit the bill” for the type of home we wanted for Domino we decided to proceed.

They came to meet him and, after retreating to his bedroom for a short time, he emerged and allowed the lady to stroke him and even rolled over on his back to have his tummy tickled !   They were captivated by him and said they would love to offer him a home.

We did the home check next day and it went well.

So off he went to his new home and to celebrate he was given a new name -CASPER.

We are sure that he will be much loved and very spoiled !

Recently we received an update from his "mum” : -
" Casper is fine, he’s loving his food and sleeping on the bed. He’s still very chatty and loves attention.”

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