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C-L-A-W-S poppy


When her owner died POPPY, aged 14, was homeless, underweight (only 2 kilos) and arthritic.    Poor Poppy !

We took her in and it wasn’t long before she was exploring her new surroundings and letting us stroke her, always returning to her "secure place” behind a chest of drawers !  She is a friendly little girl and was soon rolling on her back for us to tickle her tummy. 
We took her to the vet for a thorough MOT who prescribed pain relief for her arthritis (which we mix in her food daily – it disappears in no time as she is a good trencher cat !) ) and said she had rarely seen an elderly cat in such good shape.

The appointment of another vet at Alma, whose specialism is pain management, including acupuncture, prompted us to ask if acupuncture might help Poppy.   Yes, it might.   One of our supporters, who had benefitted from acupuncture herself, offered to fund the treatment.   It has made a great difference to Poppy.   Although she still "limps, the vet says her muscles are more relaxed which reduces the pain level.   She now has a treatment every 3 – 4 weeks.

She became a firm favourite at Alma and caused great amusement as she had no sooner been lain on the electro-magnetic mat and the first needle placed than she lay down and went to sleep – the perfect patient !.

It was during these visits that one of the nurses got to know her and grew very fond of her.   We were delighted when she offered Poppy a home where we know she will be very happy and much loved.

It was with mixed feelings that we said "Goodbye” to her – pleasure that she had found a wonderful home tinged with sadness as we shall miss her.

Less than 24 hours after she went to her new home we received the first bulletin.   She had slept all night in her igloo, was eating well and settling into her new home.

Wonderful news !  She is such a sweetheart !

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