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C-L-A-W-S poppy


We were contacted by Watford & Three Rivers Adult Disability Team.  One of its clients had died leaving her 14 year old cat homeless.

They had approached the RSPCA who had arranged for her to be checked at a local vet – she was under weight and suffering from arthritis for which she was prescribed pain relief - and then transferred to a cattery in Maidenhead.

Fortunately we were able to make room for her so offered to take her in.   We gave the officer handling the case our web site address so he could learn more about us and gave our vets as a reference.

He was back in touch within hours saying he would be very happy for us to take POPISCLE (since re-named POPPY) into care.   He E-mailed a letter to us authorising us to collect her from the local cattery.   He also sent a copy to them.

So on 16 May we went to the cattery to collect her.  The manager told us that she had put on weight during her stay with them – she was only 2.5 kilos when she arrived.  

We took her back to Bear Cottage and settled her into a room so we could assess her and get to know each other.     It wasn’t long before she was exploring her new surroundings and letting us stroke her, always returning to her "secure place” behind a chest of drawers ! 

She is a friendly little girl and was soon rolling on her back for us to tickle her tummy.   Apart from limping on her front left paw she seemed fine, if a little scruffy !
After a few days we took her to Alma for a thorough check up.  She weighed 2.95 kilos, a pleasing increase in weight in only a couple of weeks.   Her heart rate was 180 and steady (good for a cat of her age), although she only had one tooth (!) her mouth was clean and her gums pink (in far better condition than some cats half her age).

There were no lumps and bumps in her tummy.   The vet thought the limp might be caused by an old fracture or it could be arthritis.   Either way pain relief would continue to keep her comfortable

A blood sample was taken and the results were excellent.   Her vital organs were OK and there was no sign of hyperthyroidism.   In fact, the vet said she had rarely seen an elderly cat in such good shape.
So home she went to Bear Cottage.   She has settled down really well and enjoys receiving visitors.

We are delighted to welcome POPPY to the C.L.A.W.S. family and hope she will be with us for many years to come.

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