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C-L-A-W-S Boo


When Mandy, her owner, went to university BOO, aged about 9 years, stayed in the family home with her mum, Lucy,

Lucy worked full time and with the imminent arrival of her first grandchild, Mandy would need to be on hand to help with the new arrival which would mean frequent travel and time away from home.  As a result, Lucy decided that BOO should be re-homed so contacted Mel and asked if she could help her with finding a new home for Boo and she said "Yes”.

Boo has been in care for 8 months.  We were keen to re-home her, particularly as she preferred to be an only cat and didn’t feel "at home” with the other resident cats.     She is a beautiful, playful and affectionate girl who would benefit immensely from a loving home.
Recently Mel was approached by a lady from the local stables who was looking for a cat.   

She lived in a cottage with a lovely garden with a studio at the bottom in a rural location and the only other member of the family was a 90 year old tortoise which had been passed down through the family for a number of generations.

Nikki came to meet her.   It was love at first sight and she offered Boo a home there and then. !   A home check was arranged which went well.

And so Boo went to her new home.   She jumped out of her carrying case and shot under the sofa – but she wasn’t there for long.   She emerged to explore and play with the toys (and eat the treats) her new owner had thoughtfully distributed round the house.    There was even a box with her name on it !

Later the same evening we received the first update.    Boo had worked her way up stairs, jumped on the bed and was fast asleep.
We are so pleased that this sweet cat has found a loving home.

Mel saw Nikki at the stables and she is absolutely thrilled with Boo.  She purrs all the time, plays and sits next to her on the sofa.

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