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C-L-A-W-S Sasha


The cat had taken up residence in her garden was looking poorly so the owner got in touch with C.L.A.W.S. to ask for help.      We took a trap round the very same day but the weeks ticked by and we heard nothing.   Then suddenly early one Monday morning the phone rang the cat was in the trap !!

We rushed it down to Alma.   It was a young male and had been micro-chipped so the first thing to do was to try to find his owners.   The Alma team pulled out all the stops to find his them following up leads by phone, E-mail and letter as well as posting on Facebook.

Eventually they discovered that his family had moved abroad and did not want him any- more.   Poor little chap !

Having kept him for the mandatory 7 day period they were able to treat him for a heavy infestation of fleas.   He was in good shape apart from a scratch on his nose.  We suspect this was sustained in his attempts to escape from the trap.   He was neutered.  

A few days later he came to C.L.A.W.S.   We call him SASHA. He has settled in really well.   He is content to sit on the shelf at the front of his pen (even though he has access to the communal run) and watch the world go by.   He is always pleased to receive visitors, enjoying being made a fuss of and purring and head butting them enthusiastically.

His dermatitis flared up so we took him back to Alma where he was made a great fuss of.  It may be dermatitis but there is a possibility that it is a re-action to the clippers where he was shaved so blood could be taken.   He was given a course of antibiotics and the site of the outbreak has to be bathed with an antibacterial liquid twice a day.   After only 24 hours there was a marked improvement but there has been a further outbreak so ongoing treatment will be necessary.

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