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C-L-A-W-S Cooper



A stray cat – a beautiful ginger boy - was taken into our vets, Alma Vets , with a broken tail.   He was given pain relief and antibiotics and left to settle down.  He was not chipped. After the mandatory 7 day waiting period, the vets examined him more closely,   During this examination it was discovered that he had been viciously penetrated.

We were shocked and saddened by this unwarranted attack on an innocent animal and coming so soon after the horrific injury inflicted on Kensi (see Alma’s Facebook page for details) who had been shot through with an arrow it was particularly disturbing.

There were multiple lacerations round his anus, which healed eventually, and his rump was badly swollen with fluid, which after a few days of treatment dissipated.   Sadly the vet had to amputate his tail.   

Alma asked us if we would take him.  We said "Yes” so after a couple of weeks at Alma he was discharged into our care.
Being a beautiful ginger boy we called him COOPER, after the marmalade.

It would not have been surprising if, after his horrific ordeal, he never trusted another human being but throughout his hospital stay he was the perfect patient enjoying being made a fuss of, although initially he did not like people touching from the middle of his back to his tail – hardly surprising !  

We kept him in a room in the house so we could keep an eye on him and so he had lots of company.   It is amazing that after his despicable treatment that he is such a friendly, loving lad.

He is quite a character and very bright.   It didn’t take him long to work out what the handle on the door was for so now we keep it locked just in case he is strong enough to pull it down.   He loves visitors.   Recently 3 "fans” arrived at the same time.    He was so excited – running from one to the other.

Maggie is bursting to meet him but we are not sure how he would be with other cats so she is banned from his room.    This does not go down well with her so she sits on the chair by the door to his room and shouts at him and he shouts back.

We think we may have a home for him so watch this space !

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