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C-L-A-W-S Bruce


Do you remember Bruce ?

He was one of the "feral” cats C.LA.W.S. had helped trap with the idea of relocating them to a local farm.   When we went to collect them one was in a cage, wild as can be, whilst one of the nurses was carrying the other one around in her arms – he was on his back with his legs in the air !   "You won’t put this one on the farm will you ? " There was only one answer to that wasn’t there ?   "Of course not”   So where did he go ?  Bear  Cottage.

We called him BRUCE and think he is about 10 years old,   His general health is good – he weighed in at a healthy 5 kilos   - but is blind in one eye.

As time went by we became increasingly concerned about it.  It looked "angry” so we took him to the vet for a check up.  And just as well we did as, when examined under sedation, it was found to be badly infected and full of puss.   He was put on a course of antibiotics and surgery delayed until the infection was under control.

Rather than "waste” the anaesthetic the vet carried out a dental as Bruce had a number of teeth which needed attention.
He had his rescheduled operation at the beginning of January.   It went well and he made a good recovery.   When he went for his check up the vet, who had not met him before, was very smitten as he purred loudly throughout the consultation.

The phone rang   It was Peter who has been a friend of C.L.A.W.S. for many years.  You may remember that he lost his beloved Ginny last year.   She was in her 21st year and they had been together for 12 years.   At that time he felt couldn’t bear to go through such an awful experience again.

We kept in touch and sent him copies of our newsletter.   It was in the December 2019 edition that he spotted Bruce and he felt attracted to this dear boy.

Not wishing to rush into anything he waited until early February to get in touch.
We invited him to come round and meet Bruce.   He arrived carrying a cat basket !   We told him as much as we knew about Bruce and then took him to meet him.   They got on well and Peter was all set to take him home there and then.    However, it was agreed that we would deliver to him to his new home in a few days time once he had been flead and wormed.

The day came and we put Bruce and all his paraphernalia into the van and set off on the short journey to his new home.   Peter was there to meet him.

We took him into the lounge and opened his carrier.   He made no attempt to get out but sat there surveying his new surroundings with interest.   Beverley lifted him out gently and he made his way behind the sofa in a leisurely manner and stretched out for a rest.
So we left them to get to know each other and are hopefully that Peter will be in touch with good news soon.

Peter rang "Bruce is settling in nicely – far quicker than Ginny did.  He sat on my knee the first evening he was here.”

He then added "He’s being having a go at the back of the large sofa but I am sure that the scratching post that Beverley dropped off will sort that out”   We do hope so !

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