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C-L-A-W-S Boris



A cat had been "visiting” for almost a year and for the last few months had taken up residence in Alice’s garden.  This caused her (and her owners) a great deal of stress so they  got in touch with C.L.A.W.S. and asked for help.

We leant them a trap and within a few days we received a phone call to say "He’s in the trap” and within a short while they brought him over.   They had called him Boris !!

We put him in a pen and left him to settle down.   He was very nervous and hid behind his bed popping up to hiss at us when we went in to feed him.   Gradually he began to calm down and let his carer approach him and even stroke him before retreating behind his bed.

We took him to Alma to be neutered and micro-chipped and given a thorough MOT.   His chest was slightly congested (probably because he had been living "rough” for a long time but it soon responded to an antibiotic injection.   Apart from that he was in good health.  The vet thought he was about 7 years old.

After a week he was taken back for the first of his vaccinations (it could not be done on his initial visit because he had an anaesthetic) which will be followed by a second one in 3 weeks.

He is making good progress and is quite a character.

We are hopeful that given time and patience we will be able to re-home him.

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