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C-L-A-W-S Boris

boris rehomed
Boris soon after arrival

boris rehomed
Boris playing with Sophia

A cat had been coming into the garden of one of our supporters from time to time for about a year and more recently had taken up permanent residence, even sleeping in one of their cat’s outdoor beds.    The lady thought it might have been abandoned when the people two streets away moved away..

This caused their cat and them a great deal of stress so they got in touch with C.L.A.W.S. to ask for help.

We leant them a trap and a few days we received a phone call to say "He’s in the trap” and within a short while they brought him over.   They had called him Boris !!

We put him in a pen and left him to settle down.   He was very nervous and hid behind his bed popping up to hiss at us when we went in to feed him.   Gradually he began to calm down and let his carer approach him and even stroke him before retreating behind his bed.

We took him to Alma to be neutered and given a thorough MOT.   His chest was slightly congested, probably because he had been living "rough” for a long time, but it soon responded to an antibiotic injection.   Apart from that he was in good health.  The vet thought he was about 7 years old.  Subsequently he has been micro-chipped and vaccinated

Whilst Beverley is recovering from her knee operation Cat Nannies have been coming in twice a day to feed the cats.

Boris took an immediate shine to Rikki.  He launched a charm offensive and as a result won a new home.     He prefers to spend time playing with her than eating his food !  Who could resist ?   Certainly not Rikki.   It was love at first sight !   She carried him round making a tremendous fuss of him.   She brought her daughter over to meet him and they got on well too.   It was then that the possibility of offering him a home was raised.
Rikki’s husband was happy to welcome him to the household.  

Their garden was enclosed and had been fitted with Pet Protect (see photo) which meant that he could not escape.  A home check was arranged.   It went well.
So on 15th February (a particularly auspicious time as the next week was half term which meant they could all spend lots of time together) Boris went to his new home.

Boris’s determination was rewarded and we wish him a long and happy life with his new family.

Jemma, Rikki’s sister and the other half of Cat Nannies, arrived the following morning with great news !
He shouted all the way home in the car, hopped out of his basket and had a mooch around.   Jumped up on the sofa for a snooze then went upstairs and played with Rikki’s daughter on her bed.

A friend came round to meet him   She sat on the sofa and he jumped up on her lap and rolled over to have his tummy tickled.

All this was recorded by Rikki on her phone.  As she said "It’s as if he’s always been with us” 

Each day the news gets better and better.   What a charmer !

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