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C-L-A-W-S Sophie


Sophie’s owners were moving house but until the purchase was completed they were going to stay with their son and daughter-in-law and three children with another baby on the way.

Putting Sophie’s needs before their own feelings they decided to seek a refuge for her in her twilight years. 

They discussed it with a friend, a C.L.A.W.S. supporter, saying they were thinking of contacting the RSPCA.    She said "Don’t do that – ring C.LA.W.S.”

So that was how Sophie came to C.L.A.WS.  Until the day of her arrival we had not been told that she was virtually blind or that she had a tremor.   As soon as we saw her it was obvious that she was in a very bad way so we rang Alma immediately to arrange to take her in for a thorough check up on 24 December (she had come to us on 22 December.)   We felt that she would need in-patient treatment and indeed that proved to be the case.

She weighed only 2.6 kilos and was very dehydrated.   She underwent a battery of tests which revealed that she had peripheral vision only, was severely anaemic due to a heavy infestation of fleas and worms, had a tremor (almost certainly caused by a neurological problem), a heart murmur and a chronic urinary tract infection. 
She was kept in for 6 until her condition stabilised and then discharged into our care.

There is no cure for the heart murmur or tremor which are caused by old age or, in some cases, neglect so it is a case of palliative care to keep her comfortable and lots of love and attention.

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