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Toby Hector
Daisy Big Boy

C-L-A-W-S Bou


In the summer of 2021 the helpline rang,   It was Carol.  There had been a fire in one of her neighbours’ houses which had left it uninhabitable.

The lady was taken to hospital and subsequently transferred to a care home.  In the meantime Carol had been visiting the property twice a day to feed BOU

She was about 10 years old – a moggie / oriental / tortoiseshell overlaid with grey  - tiny and very vocal.

The relatives of the lady got in touch to say that unless the cat was removed from the house by the coming weekend they would either throw her out or have her put to sleep.

So that was when Carol rang CLAWS.  She would have been happy to adopt BOU but she already had 4 dogs, 4 cats, a guinea pig and some chickens so it wasn’t possible.

Fortunately we had a space so Carol brought her over.

Next day she had hardly got her paws "under the table” when the phone went.    It was Carol to say that BOU’s owner had returned home and was desperate to have her back so home she went.

At the beginning of May 2022 Carol rang again.  Sadly Bou’s owner had become very ill and had been transferred to a nursing home with no hope of returning to her house.  This left Bou homeless.

Fortunately we were able to accommodate her in a pen in the run of six.  She took a while to settle in, hiding behind her bed.

When the new enclosure was completed in May she was one of the first cats to enjoy the freedom and fresh air it provided but to start with she did this from the vantage point of the roof of her cat cabin.

It wasn’t long before she came down and joined the others playing with their toys 

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