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C-L-A-W-S Gorgeous Boy

Gorgeous Boy
Gorgeous Boy

When only a kitten GORGEOUS BOY (aka Himself) as he is affectionately known – and you can see why can’t you ?) turned up in the garden of a CLAWS supporter.

She made enquiries in the neighbourhood but no one came forward to claim him.  What else could she do but offer him a home ?

That was 15 years ago and they had a happy time together until about 6 months ago when Jill was taken ill and rushed into hospital.  It had always been understood that in the case of an emergency Gorgeous Boy would come to CLAWS and that is exactly what happened.

He went into one of the rooms in the cottage and settled in with the minimum of fuss.

Sadly Jill never came home being transferred from the hospital to a care home where she died and so Himself stayed with CLAWS.

We were planning to take him to the vet for a thorough MOT but it was hastened when we noticed his eyes were mere slits, from which tears were oozing forming a crusty layer.  His eye lashes had grown into his eye causing irritation which made him scratch.

In a very delicate operation: the eye lashes were removed and the eye lids stitched up to prevent a recurrence.   Cream had to be applied twice a day – Himself was not impressed! He went back for a check-up and the stitches were removed and the eyes gently bathed to remove accumulated "gunk”.

There were several more visits to ensure there was no infection and he now has clear vision and no pain.

The storms of February 2022 meant that Beverley was indoors one afternoon so she decided to open the door to Gorgeous Boy’s room upstairs and see what happened.

She sat down in the lounge and it wasn’t long before he came down.  He first met Hector and they rubbed noses in a very gentlemanly manner.  In fact most of the gang ignored him (the ultimate compliment!) the only exception being – yes you’ve guessed it – Dinky who screamed in outrage.

But by the morning all was quiet and everyone assembled in the kitchen for breakfast.

He now goes for a leisurely stroll in the garden whilst we keep a watchful eye on him.

Gorgous Boy

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