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Emma and Tegan

Emma          Tegan
Emma                                                               Tegan

The phone rang. It was the practice manager from one of the local vets. "Hello Beverley how are you " ? always the precursor to a favour being asked ! " Can you take in a young kitten that has been found in a plastic bag in one of the wheelie bins at the back of a nearby parade of shops?

Of course, Beverley said "Yes” and arranged to pick it up the next morning. The next day the phone rang again. It was the practice manager again. Another kitten had been brought in from exactly the same place. Could we take it too? Beverley said "Yes” again . What else could she do, even though we were full ?

They were young females less than a year old and looked like skeletons. We do not think they came from the same litter.

Since we transferred them from a room in the cottage to an outside pen they have come on in leaps and bounds. They enjoy playing with their toys and are interacting with the other cats.

Teagan in particular is full of mischief – her favourite hobby is tipping over all the water bowls!!

It is difficult to believe that these two beautiful cats are the under nourished kittens we took in in the autumn of 2022.

They are about 2 years old and are now ready for re-homing. They must go together.


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