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Success Stories


As well as finding loving homes for cats and kittens, C.L.A.W.S. also provides life-long care for cats that cannot be re-homed because they are too old, unwell or have been abused.

VIOLET was the most seriously abused of  the 20 cats we brought in in 2014.  Nothing much changed for the next couple of years (she continued to cower behind her igloo in the furthest reaches of her bedroom - hence her name "shrinking”  violet !!)

The breakthrough came when she and 2 other cats were transferred to the new enclosure.   She was a changed cat – spending most of her days outside enjoying her new found freedom.

Recently she and Joules (collectively known as the chalet girls) have been transferred to the golden oldies home.   She now jumps for joy when she sees her breakfast coming (fish !!) and comes to the fence to receive a gentle stroke.

It is so rewarding to see this badly damaged cat come into her own.

If you would like to make a donation towards Violet’s care and other cats just like her please ring SUE on the C.L.A.W.S. helpline 01189341699




15 cats were found in a house – unneutered, interbred and un-socialised.   C.L.A.W.S. was asked to help and that is when ANGELINA came into our lives.

We called her Angie.   She is a tiny little tot, still under a year old, but with a BIG personality.  She was a "force to be reckoned with”, squaring up to cats twice her size.   Her mood was not improved because she was on a diet which she considered the ultimate insult.  

Fleur, who had been fostered by Sue for the last year, was also on a diet.

Therefore it seemed logical for them to be together so in a moment of madness Sue asked Beverley what she thought of Angie coming to live with her and Fleur. She said YES and the rest is history. 

Sue takes up the tale : -

I had arranged for a "screen door” to be installed between the kitchen and the lounge which meant that they were secure when people came and went via the back door and it gave me peace of mind.

I took her carrying basket into the lounge and released her – and waited with bated breath !   Nothing daunted she marched round the lounge to see what was going on.  Fleur’s face was a picture – what was this little whipper snapper doing on her territory?  I had already explained to her that Angie was only a little girl that had had a rough start in life so she had to be kind to her – umm !!!

Of course, we have had a number of spats (and spits !!) but on the whole the transition has gone much more smoothly than expected (Beverley and I knew it was a "high risk strategy” but thought that the benefits of success far outweighed the possibility of failure)

Fleur likes to sit on the back of the sofa so she can look out of the window.  The sight of her tail gently waving is too much for Angie – she just has to jump up and catch it.  On one occasion she leapt so high she knocked Fleur off – what a kerfuffle !!

She also lies in wait behind the curtains and leaps out at Fleur as she passes by.   She has so much energy !
She knows when she has pushed her luck and rushes to the far end of the lounge and leaps on a chair, out of harm’s way !   We now call this the "naughty corner” !

There is still a long way to go but the prospects are looking good.   Angie has been good for Fleur who is learning to "stand her corner” and Angie is becoming less combative as she realises she is safe.

A tiny little tot with the heart of a lion – you just have to love her !

Monty is rehomed

Monty went to his new home on 1 December – a wonderful start to the festive season for all his friends at C.L.A.W.S.

You may remember that MONTY is a youthful 13 year old who won all hearts with his loving nature and winning ways.

As a kitten he was homed by C.L.A.W.S. in 2005.   In 2018 a change in domestic circumstances meant that he could no longer stay in the home where he had spent 13 happy years.   Poor Monty !
He returned to C.L.A.W.S. in July 2018.  He has been such a good boy settling into his new environment with the minimum of fuss.

A lady was looking for a cat for her elderly mum.   She went on to the C.L.A.W.S. web site and spotted Monty.    She thought he would be perfect for her mum so rang the C.L.A.W.S. help line for more information.   "All he wants is to be made a fuss of” Sue told her and "All my mum wants is a loving companion”.   She downloaded Monty’s photo and said she would show it to her mum and tell her all about him when she saw her the next day.
She rang back to say her mum was interested so a home check was arranged.   The lady lived in a sheltered housing complex in a very quiet area which backs on to a golf course.  The manager of the unit was very supportive – there were several other animals there and she herself had a little dog.
It wasn’t long before the phone rang again.   It was the lady’s daughter to say that her mum wanted to offer Monty a home.

Beverley carried him into the lounge and lifted him out.  He  announced his arrival with a few of his trademark "rusty” shouts, walked round, went under a chair, said "Hello” to Beverley and I in passing and jumped on his new "mum’s” lap and started to purr.

And he was still there when we left half an hour later.   We were amazed – neither of us had seen a cat settle into new surroundings so quickly !   Happy owner !  Happy Monty !  Perfect !
We wish them a long and happy life together.

We received an E-mail from Monty’s owner’s daughter who wrote : -
"Mum is delighted with him and he has settled in brilliantly – last update was that he is now venturing upstairs in the morning.”



When ABBEY, about 5 years old, came to C.L.A.W.S. in the summer of 2014 she was deeply traumatised.  She had had no interaction with the human race and rejected any attempt to connect with her.

Over the last three years there had been some improvement but she  remained very shy.

Recently she had to have a dental, and so she could have peace and quiet to recover, we put her in a pen on her own.

The change was amazing !   She started to greet her carers when they came to see her and then she extended her neck for a stroke and pushed her head into their hands.   It wasn’t long before she was out of her "bedroom” and taking an interest in what was going on around her.

Then we had an enquiry from a couple who had seen her photo and details on the web site and were interested in offering her a home.     The home visit went well and they came to meet her.  They got on very well and offered her a home straightaway.   Several more visits followed and then the day came when she went to her new home.
After just a few days we received an E-mail from her owners : -

"Abbey is eating well has found and used the litter tray, has located her bedding on the armchair as well as trying out other locations.  She uses the scratching post and has had a thorough search of our downstairs area.   The search included not only floor level but scaling all furniture (no problem for us). She has also been playing with the peacock feather that we brought home with her as well as a mouse and two balls which we had at home.

Dreamies (not too many) have played a part in the settling in process but she really is a lovely girl and a 'bit of a character'. We are allowing her to approach us and her progress only over a couple of days shows great spirit and courage on her part.

A few days later there was more good news : -
She has continued to settle in and is now familiar with the whole house.  She went upstairs for the first time on Saturday morning and has thoroughly explored it.  She particularly enjoys running up the flights of stairs and jumping onto the window sills in the bedrooms to watch the world from a height   Having determined for herself that she is the only occupant (other than the two of us), Abbey seems to recognise the house as her territory.

She climbs across us in bed to jump onto the window sill at night.    She clearly isn't worried by us in any way (no running away and hiding) although contact is on her terms.”

Abbey has been allowed to settle in at her own pace – very important when a cat is being introduced to a new environment - and is making excellent progress.   We are so pleased that this gentle cat has found the loving home she so deserves.


In September 2016 BELLE and her kittens were living in a garden in Slough and being fed by the kind owner.    As the days grew shorter and the nights grew colder the lady became concerned and contacted  C.L.A.W.S. to ask if we could trap them and take them into care.  

BELLE was a devoted mum but once her kittens were weaned she was ready for some "me” time.     She wanted a quiet home with an owner who had plenty of time to spend with her.

She is a sweet natured little girl that can’t wait for you to sit down before she scrambles on your knee for a cuddle and will make a loving companion.
Her first appearance in the local paper’s Pets Corner failed to produce a result.   Time passed and we tried again.  This time we were contacted by a couple who had recently lost their beloved cat and were now ready to offer another feline a home.   They were greatly taken by Belle’s photo and felt confident that they could fulfill her "wish list”.

A home visit was arranged and all went well.  A couple of days later they came to meet her – bringing a carrying basket with them !    They got on well so off she went to her new home.

We wish them many happy years together.

Honey and Pearl     
Honey and Pearl

Honey and Pearl, about 4 years old,  were 2 of the 12 cats that came to C.L.A.W.S. in 2014.   They had not been socialised but gradually over the last 3 years have come round so we looked for a very special home for them.  Earlier this year we found it BUT they had to wait a while so their new "mum” could move in first.

Whilst they were waiting she often came to visit them so they could get to know each other.    She brought their new beds so they could get used to them as well.

After only a day their "mum” E-mailed to say : -

"Honey and Pearl (now called Treacle) are settling in really well . They’ve both been out exploring a little, Honey more than Pearl, but Pearl is a different cat to the one I met at CLAWS! She even came up to me this morning and demanded to be stroked. They’re both eating and have used the litter box.  Honey has found the toy box, and has been helping herself to her toys. I was planning to keep them in one room until they’d settled, however they both made their feelings about that VERY clear and are much more settled now that they have the run of the flat.”

In her next E-mail a week later she said : -

"I can't believe I've already had the girls a week! They continue to do better than I expected, Honey came out and wandered around whilst I had people round today - a first for her as she normally hides when she hears voices.   Treacle was born to be a house cat and is thriving in this environment. She demands a lot of affection and cuddles! "

How wonderful that these lovely girls have found the wonderful home they so richly deserve.



These delightful sisters, now about 5 years old, came to C.L.AW.S. in 2014.    They formed part of a small colony that had been residing in the garden of a supporter who had been feeding them.     They had never been handled as kittens so were very nervous.

It took skill patience and love to bring them round but eventually, and oh so slowly, they responded until they are now loving girls that enjoy being made a fuss of.

Now to find them a home !     A friend of C.L.A.W.S. had lost her beloved cats a little while ago and was now ready to offer a home to two needy felines.
She came to meet the cats and was very taken with Frankie and Stella.    Frankie went through her repertoire of "you won’t be able to resist me if I do this " antics whilst Stella, always the shier of the two, joined in in her gentle way.

Yes, she wanted to offer them a home and would collect them on her return from holiday in a few weeks.

The day came and off they went.  Next day their new "mum” rang with an update.   She got home and let them out of their carrying cases and they shot under the bed.

So she thought she would get her lunch - potatoes, vegetables and fish.    You know what's coming don't you ?     Two cats arrived at her side so she had the potatoes and vegetables and they had the fish !!!!
Latest update says : -
"They are having great fun exploring and needless to say I have had to rearrange some of the ornaments!   Playtime seems to be after I go to bed and before I get up, luckily ear plugs work!   Stella is coming out of her shell and I can now stroke her, especially at mealtimes which are the highlight of their day.  They are a great joy to have around and I am sure they will soon be very much at home. "

They must be homed together. 


By the time DIPSEY came to C.L.A.W.S. in the summer of 2016 she was deeply traumatised by the loss of her owner followed by a number of moves in quick succession.
Despite some progress being made initially she regressed and spent most of her time hunched up in her bed refusing any human contact.   We were concerned about her excessive grooming (often a sign of stress) and took her for a check up.   A course of medication and it improved.   After a series of tests she was found to be physically sound – as we suspected she was depressed.

After an intensive campaign we found her a loving home but sadly after only a week we were asked to take her back.  Surprisingly she seemed no worse for her experience and settled back into her usual routine.

A few days later she went off her food and although we thought this might be a re-action to her re-homing we took her to the vet.   He found that she had a heart murmur (not previously pinpointed) so she went back the next day for an ultra-sound test to discover its extent.  The walls of the atrium and one of the ventricles were thickened and the other ventricle had a series of little growths on it.    Normally steroids would be the treatment of choice but because she is an older cat (coming up to 15 now) it might put undue pressure on her kidneys so a daily "heart” tablet was prescribed.

She showed a marked physical improvement, was more alert but still depressed.  Then a series of events occurred which marked a turning point for her.

The first was very sad – dear PENGUIN had to be put to sleep.   His fosterer was devastated and grieved for him.    However she felt that the best way to remember him was by offering a loving home to another needy cat.    She came over to meet our cats that were looking for a home.    After several more visits and a lot of heart searching she decided that Dipsey was the one for her !

She took her home and the next day she was on the phone to say that Dipsey had spent hours sniffing round her new territory and within 24 hours she was on sofa next to her and purring her head off.    She still didn’t want to be stroked but was relaxed and happy.   She is not interested in her bed which one of her "aunties” gave her preferring to sleep on the same spot of the rug BUT she will not walk across the rug but always walks round it. 

The latest bulletin is even better – she is sitting on her "mum” with her paws on her shoulders, head butting her and purring for England.    She is also allowing her to stroke her and tickle her behind her ears !    Wow  !    And all this after only 10 days in her new home.

Her "mum” describes her as a flower unfolding – what an evocative phrase !

We had always been convinced that inside Dipsey was a loving, sweet natured cat waiting to emerge and it seems that is indeed the case.

What a wonderful start -  to say that we are delighted is an understatement !



JET and DARCY came to C.L.A.W.S. in 2014, two of four cats that had taken up residence in a supporter's garden.  They hadn't been socialised so it has taken time and skill to begin to bring them round.

Jet is still shy.   On a good day you can rub noses with Darcy but on other days she rushes to her bed and hides.

Recently we were contacted by lady asking if we had any long haired cats needing a home.   She and her husband have been friends of C.L.A.W.S. for many years and have taken a number of long haired (and often nervous cats) into their home with happy outcomes.

They came to meet Jet, who was surprisingly calm, and said they would like to adopt him and that they would like to offer a home to Darcy too as they thought it would be nice for Jet to have a friend to go with him to his new home.   A typical thoughtful gesture.

We are delighted that these two dear cats have a loving home after waiting so long

   Gregory - a success storty  

We are so excited !   GREGORY has a loving home !

Gregory is about 4 years old and, scarcely more than a kitten, was left behind when his family moved house.   Fortunately he was spotted by a C.L.A.W.S. supporter and we took him in.   That was in 2013.

He soon settled in and his affectionate and unassuming nature made him a favourite with his fellow felines and the C.L.A.W.S. volunteers.   He declined a pen of his own preferring to "pen hop” visiting each of his friends in turn.

We were delighted when, in the spring of 2015, he was offered a home.   Sadly it didn’t work out and we took him back.   It was as if he had never been away and so it continued until October 2016 when a retired couple rang to say they were looking for a cat.   From what they said we thought Gregory would be perfect for them.   The home visit went well and they came to meet him.

He sat on the shelf in his pen and hissed at them !!  (Oh no, Gregory, please don’t do that)    The lady was carrying a small draw string bag.   She opened it up and laid out some fresh cat nip on the shelf.   Well, that was it – Gregory rolled on his back with his legs in the air and allowed her to rub his tummy as all the while she chatted away to him in French, her mother tongue.

It was a done deal !   Into a basket he went which was placed on the back seat with his new "mum” sitting beside him still chattering away whilst his new "dad” drove him off to his new home.

If he settles in well they are going to return to adopt a female cat to keep him company.   It can’t get any better than that can it ?


Although hardly more than a kitten herself when CLEO came to C.L.A.W.S. in 2011 she was heavily pregnant.   She was a fantastic mum and having given her babies the best possible start in life she was ready to relax and enjoy herself.

We found her a loving home with a lady who had plenty of time to spend with her and they settled down expecting to spend a long and happy time together.

And so it was for the next five years until the lady’s father, who lived abroad, was diagnosed with cancer which meant she was commuting back and forth to look after him.   Even that wasn’t too bad as her neighbour was happy to care for Cleo.

However, when she moved there was no one to look after Cleo.
After much heart searching the lady decided that the only course of action was to ask C.L.A.W.S. to take her back so she returned to C.L.A.W.S. in May 2016.

She is a sweet natured and affectionate girl and soon settled down so we started to look for a new home for her.

A retired couple saw her photo and was very taken with her as she reminded them of their beloved cat who they had lost recently.

They came to meet her and they hit it off straightaway and took her home with them there and then.


Pebbles and her daughter, Ginny, came to C.L.A.W.S.  in 2013 when their owner died.   Both were successfully re-homed.

In June 2016 we were once again asked to take Pebbles into care when her owner’s health made it difficult for her to look after her.

We took her to the vet for a check up and she was given a clean bill of health, except for her teeth !   She had a dental and was then ready to be re-homed.

Would we be able to find a home for this sweet natured golden oldie ?   A supporter of ours was looking for a companion so we introduced her to Pebbles and they took to each other straightaway.

When we took her to her new home she had a good look round and then spotted a comfy bed, hopped into it and went to sleep !

We wish them many happy years together.



COCO was the only male among the 12 severely traumatised cats taken in in 2014.   He had taken 2 years to recover from his ordeal but was now ready for re-homing so was featured in Pets’ Corner in the Maidenhead Advertiser and a gentleman rang to say he was interested in him.

We explained Coco’s background to him and said that he might well take longer than usual to settle down and would need to be kept in for months rather than weeks.   This did not deter him because     many years ago he had rescued a feral kitten that had taken him years to bring round and had lived with him for 18 years.

He arranged to come to meet Coco and all went well and then he asked if he could look at our other cats and, of course, we said "Yes”.   He went off to think about it and as the days went by we thought that he had decided against Coco.

Imagine our surprise when he rang to say that he would like to adopt SMOKEY as well.

Introduced as a kitten into a household with young children and a harassed mum who didn’t have the time to look after him, Smokey couldn’t cope with the fraught family atmosphere and so we took him in.  After three months he had made excellent progress but was still nervous.

The next step was to introduce them to each other so we released both into the communal run at the front of the pens and waited ......... !    Although not an obvious pairing, they tolerated each other and there was no hissing, spitting or scratching.

So a few weeks later they moved to their new home and we are hopeful that they will settle down and enjoy a happy life together.
STOP PRESS :   Only 24 hours after they had moved in their new owner rang to say that Coco had sat on his knee and when his girl friend had come round Smokey had sat on her lap :  so a very encouraging start


TIA is about 9 years old and is a sweet natured and loving cat.

She came to C.L.A.W.S. in February 2014 when a medical condition which the family vet could not identify made it impossible for her family to continue to look after her.

A trip to the C.L.A.W.S. vet and a series of tests soon established the cause of the problem and now just one tablet a day, mixed with her food, keeps her fit and healthy.

When Lily and the Powderpuffs came into care TIA had a ready-made family and they settled down and enjoyed each others’ company.
Once her medical condition was under control we started looking for a quiet home for her, suitable for her gentle nature.    We felt she would make an ideal companion for an older person.

Despite our best efforts time went by and she remained with us – but then two of our volunteers got in touch to say that one of their neighbours was looking for an older cat so they arranged to bring her along to meet TIA.    They got on well and two days later the lady rang to say she wanted to offer TIA a home.

She will remain under the care of Alma Vets and has been homed under our People for Pets Scheme which means that C.L.A.W.S. will pay for her medication.


Elsie, one of Beverley’s house cats, that she partially hand reared, and mum of Hector and Zena, has been missing since August 2015.  Extensive searches have failed to find her.

The other day Beverley’s mobile rang – it was a lady out walking her dog who said "I think I’ve seen Elsie”.
Beverley jumped in the van and dashed off to meet the lady who showed her where "Elsie” was.  She scooped her up, popped her in the basket and took her home.   

But she soon realised that it was not Elsie – she was smaller and younger than Elsie and it looked as if she might be pregnant (thankfully this proved not to be the case).   When Beverley scanned her there was no chip so on all counts it couldn’t be Elsie.   It was very upsetting and disappointing but, of course, having taken her in we would look after her and find her a good home.   She was named TILLY.

First of all a trip to the vet for a check up – he said she was about 6 months old and in good health.   She was blood tested and a date was arranged for her to be neutered.

She was a delight – full of fun and very affectionate.     Beverley noticed that her eyes were always dilated and that she did not respond to noise and so when she went back to the vet to be neutered he checked her hearing and said that she was stone deaf.

So she would need a very special indoor home.

One of our volunteers was chatting to a friend who happened to mention that she was looking for a young cat.   She lived on a busy road so it would have to be an indoor cat.   What a co-incidence !

A home visit was carried out within 24 hours – all was well so the lady and her daughter came to meet TILLY.  It was love at first sight and they took her home with them.
She has settled in well – exploring the house, playing with her toys and sitting on the little girl’s lap.

A very happy ending !

Jasper and Jim
Jasper and Jim

Through no fault of their own JASPER (12 years old) and JIM (15 years old) have had a raw deal.  

First their owner moved to accommodation,  knowing cats were not allowed.  They came into care and, after some considerable time, were found a loving home.   

Their new owner was taken critically ill so they were placed with a fosterer. 

But once again their luck ran out as she was admitted to hospital so for the last 3 years they have been in C.L.A.W.S. care and were the first residents of the golden oldies home.

They are dear boys- friendly and lively - and we have continued to look for a suitable home for them. 

At the beginning of 2016 a couple rang, who had given a home to older cats before, saying they were interested in adopting them.  A home visit was carried out which was fine and they came to meet the boys.  

Despite Jasper refusing to have anything to do with them (!) they offered them a home there and then.
Their "dad” tells us that they are settling in well, especially Jim, who is such a loving and adaptable boy, but Jasper too is making himself at home which is such good news.

We are delighted that they have at last got the loving home they so richly deserve but we do miss them - they were our longest stay residents.


From the very start RUPERT was a happy and confident kitten.  Even before he came to C.L.A.W.S. he went into the house of the lady who fed him looking for company (and food !)    How can one kitten out of a litter of five be so different ?

He is now 6 months old -  a friendly, extrovert little lad – loving to play and be made a fuss of.
He needed a quiet home and an owner who will be able to spend lots of time with him.   As a single kitten it was important that he had company for a large proportion of each day otherwise he would be lonely and become bored and not develop into a well adjusted and affectionate companion.

No sooner had his photo and details been put on the web site than the help line rang. It was a lady saying that she and her husband were interested in adopting him.  They were retired and had an older cat so Rupert would not lack for company!   The home visit was fine so they came to meet him. They got on very well and arranged to collect him in a few days time.

RUPERT went straight into the cat carrier and was off to his new life !.

  Pumpkin  Marmite 
Pumpkin                    Marmite

When Josh and Eve, his brother and sister, went to their new home, ZAC, then 5 months old, was fine as he still had his friends PUMPKIN and MARMITE to play with.

Earlier in the year, a lady who had adopted a C.L.A.W.S. cat before,   got in touch to say that once they had settled into their new home, and completed the refurbishment, they would be coming to C.L.A.W.S. to adopt a cat or two
And that is what they did.   The home visit was completed successfully and then they came to meet the cats.  They loved Pumpkin and Marmite – and the feeling was mutual – so they decided to adopt them.

But what would happen to little Zac ?   He would be left all on his own.   What about adopting him too ?   

They went away to think about it and next day got in touch to say they wanted to offer Zac a home too !
What a wonderful outcome.   We are thrilled.


Hector and Zena were born in August 2014 and were partially hand reared as their mum didn’t have enough milk to feed them.

They have had a perfect "childhood” with other kittens to play with and are the apple of  their foster mum’s eye.
Homing has been very slow over the last 12 months but even so we have been at a loss why these beautiful tabbies have not found a permanent home.

But then it all started to happen !   Within a few days three people had expressed an interest in them!     We work on a "first come first served” basis and we were asked by a long term supporter of C.L.A.W.S. who runs a local cattery if we had any suitable cats for a client of hers who sadly had lost his beloved cat recently.

Of course, we immediately thought of Hector and Zena – a home visit was arranged – all was well - and the gentleman came over the next day to meet them.

They connected immediately (especially to his shoe laces !!) and have gone to their new home which has a large garden and is situated in a rural location.   What could be better ?   And he goes to Alma Vets – so the circle is complete..


You may remember that Ebony was part of the Cardboard Box family that was packed into a box  destined for the middle of the M4 but was rescued just in time by C.LA.W.S.

She was more severely traumatised than her siblings and only recently has she begun to blossom (two years after her horrific experience) so we started looking for a very special quiet, indoor home with an owner who has cared for shy cats before and has the patience to continue her rehabilitation.

And it’s happened !   A lady read about Ebony on our web site and got in touch.    The home visit went well and Ebony went to her new home in early October.

A couple of days later I heard from her new "mum” saying : -

"Ebony is amazing!!!   A different cat even after 2 days ... so affectionate.  She laid over my lap on sofa for 40 minutes yesterday afternoon.   She is very nosey and has explored every work top and table and climbed the curtains.   She wants to explore everywhere !
I am so happy to have her - thank you all !”.


A lady befriended a semi-feral cat that appeared in her garden and over a period of 18 months won her confidence.    In the spring of 2015 she noticed that Missy, as she had named her, was rather plump – yes, she was pregnant.   And that was when she contacted C.L.A.W.S. 
Once the kittens were weaned the little family was taken in by C.L.A.W.S.   Missy was neutered and returned to the lady who had looked after her.

JOSH, ZACH and EVE have thrived and are now 5 months old.   The boys have always been larger than their little sister but what she lacks in stature she makes up for with an indomitable spirit !

The last two months have been exciting for them.   They have met the "big kittens” and now they all play together very happily, except when little Eve bites one of the big kittens’ tails and gets a wallop for it.   Does she care ?   Not a bit.

They  learned how to use the cat flap between the kitten rooms before the big ones mastered it !

They are happy, healthy kittens, full of fun and energy.
Recently JOSH and EVE went to their new home with a lovely family (mum – who is a vet) dad and two young boys.  They have settled in well.

No need to worry about ZACH – he still has his friends PUMPKIN and MARMITE to play with.


A little lost cat turned up in the garden of one of our supporters.    Much as they would have liked to keep her they were unable to do so but looked after her until C.L.A.W.S. was able to take her in.

She was with us for many months but now has gone to a lovely new home with a couple who have adopted a C.L.A.W.S. cat before.

She is an affectionate little soul and in no time at all settled in and made herself at home.  As you can see she is thoroughly enjoying her new life.

  Yum Yum
Yum Yum

YUM YUM and SOOTY are two of Tilly’s kittens, the stable cat C.L.A.W.S. took in when she was heavily pregnant, neutered and returned to site whilstt retaining the kittens for re-homing.

Recently they have gone to their new home in a rural location where they will have lots of love and attention and lots of exciting places to explore.


MONTY was found wandering in Bracknell.   A kind member of the public took him in until C.L.A.W.S. had a space. He is about 5 years old – very friendly and playful.

He was looking for a quiet home with an owner who would have lots of time to spend with him ..........................

The phone rang and it was a lady looking for a cat as a companion for her elderly mother who recently had lost her beloved puss.

A visit to meet Monty was arranged – they took to each other immediately and now are the best of friends.



DOUGAL is about 6 years old.

He came to C.L.A.W.S. in 2015 when his then owner heartlessly ejected him from the family home.   He was bewildered and very frightened but gradually began to recover from his ordeal and regain his trust in the human race.

It wasn’t too long before he was ready to go to a new home and we were delighted when a retired lady with experience of nervous cats, who was home a lot of the time,  got in touch looking for a cat.  She came to meet the cats and decided Dougal was the one for her.

They spent 3 happy years together but she developed dementia and was no longer able to care for him so he returned to C.L.A.W.S.
His friendly character soon came to the fore.    Now he likes nothing more than to lie beside you, rolling over on to his back to have his tummy tickled   He is a very engaging lad and very chatty.

He needs a quiet INDOOR home (adults only), as he was abused by children, with no other animals and an owner who will spend plenty of time with him.

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