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C-L-A-W-S Cassie, Joules and Violet




Cassie, Joules and Violet are three of the 12 cats from the same house taken into care in 2014.   They are about 7 years old.

By 2016 CASSIE had made good progress and was ready to be re-homed.   At that time a long-time supporter of C.L.A.W.S. was looking for a cat to adopt. Cassie was very nervous at the first visit but when the lady returned a second time she was more relaxed and she offered her a home.   Having had experience of nervous cats in the past the lady was prepared for her to hide away initially.   We were in touch with her as the weeks past and little progress was made until eventually after 6 weeks she asked us reluctantly to take her back. 

She was welcomed back by her friends Joules and Violet.   It was obvious that she was happy to be "home” and in 2017 they became the first residents in the new enclosure.  They enjoyed the freedom of their new home with the vistas over the surrounding country and the toys to keep them amused.

JOULES has brilliant green yes – just like emeralds – hence her name !  She remained very timid.   We became concerned when she began to lose weight and decided she must go to the vet for a check-up.

She was kept in for the day so she could undergo a thorough examination.  She winced when her tummy was examined.  A "mass” was found, possibly enlarged lymph nodes, and tests revealed a very low B12 level (B12 is one of the man constituents of the blood.)

She was diagnosed with pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas. When a cat's pancreas becomes inflamed, it allows digestive enzymes to escape, causing damage to both the pancreas and the nearby liver.

She was given antibiotics, a B12 injection and medication to help control the diarrohea and put on a bland diet.     She would require a B12 injection every week until the B12 level had returned to normal.

She was put in the isolation unit as it was very important that she had only the correct food.  She was lonely and missing her friends Cassie and Violet so we decided to transfer Violet into the isolation unit to keep her company.
Slowly she responded to the treatment and the condition was brought under control.

During their time in the isolation unit they both began to respond to their carers learning how to play with their toys and allowing themselves to be stroked gently.

VIOLET was the most seriously abused of the cats we brought in in 2014.  Nothing much changed for the next couple of years (she continued to cower behind her igloo in the furthest reaches of her bedroom - hence her name "shrinking”  violet !!)

The breakthrough came when she and Joules and Cassie were transferred to the new enclosure.   She was a changed cat – spending most of her days outside enjoying her new found freedom.

Later on she and Joules (collectively known as the chalet girls) were transferred to the golden oldies home.   She now jumps for joy when she sees her breakfast coming (fish !!) and comes to the fence to receive a gentle stroke.
It is so rewarding to see this badly damaged cat come into her own.

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