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C-L-A-W-S Toffee


A lady had gone shopping in Woodley and had spotted a cat in the middle of the road.  It lay still and she thought that it was dead but as she approached it it raised its head just a fraction.

She scooped it up and took it home.   She found a box and put some cosy towels in it and lay the cat gently in it and put it in the garage to protect it from the elements.   She went to the local pet shop and bought food, a bed and litter tray.

She then took it to the local vet who said it was an elderly male with arthritis in its back legs and advised to return it where she found it. 

She took it home feeling dissatisfied with the outcome of the visit and decided to seek a second opinion.  This failed to throw any further light on the cat’s condition.   She would have loved to keep him but couldn’t as her husband was highly allergic to cats.

With winter drawing on she was anxious to find him a home where he would be loved and well cared for so she rang CLAWS.

Fortunately we had a space so she brought him over with all his paraphernalia.  "Does he have a name?”   "Yes, it’s TOFFEE.   My granddaughter named him after a kitten in a story book she had read”

We agreed to keep in touch.

He has a dark brown coat with copper highlights, four white paws and his back legs are white too.

We put him in one of the rooms in the cottage so we could keep a close eye on him.  He was warm and well fed.  Heaven !

After a few days we took him to our vet.  He was a she !!  She was elderly and had been living rough for some time.  She weighed just over 2 kilos and was almost blind and almost deaf with chronic arthritis in her back legs but apart from that in remarkably good shape.  She was given an injection (only recently available) to help her arthritis and would return in a month for a check-up.

In that month she got to know her surroundings and her carer and now comes running to her as soon as she senses her presence.  She loves playing with her cat nip banana.+

The check-up went well.   She had put on weight and her arthritis had improved so she will return in a month for a booster injection.

She is a delight, is not phased by her disabilities and enjoys playing with her cat banana.

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