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C-L-A-W-S Dinky


Beverley was asked by Simon at Kelperland if she would take in a 17 year old cat whose owner, a valued client of his, had died without making any provision for her cat.

Fortunately there was a space so Beverley went to collect her and that is how DINKY came into our lives.   She was put in a pen in the run of six with a warm igloo, food water and a litter tray and left to settle.   At first she screamed her head off and would not be pacified but gradually she calmed down. When the library became free Beverley decided to transfer her.    She still shouts but enjoys watching the comings and goings.

On sunny days Beverley puts her in with the Chalet girls so she can enjoy the fresh air.  On the first occasion Joules and Violet could not believe their eyes.  Who was this interloper invading their space?    Dinky, unperturbed, spat at them and marched off to explore, leaving the girls "lost for wordsĒ.

It didnít take long for them to adjust and, apart from the occasional raucous shout from Dinky, peace reigns.

One morning Dinky escaped into the garden.  We were very concerned and searched high and low for her without success.  We neednít have worried - spot on lunch time (our oldies are fed three small meals a day as it is kinder on their digestive systems) into the kitchen came Dinky shouting her head off for food !

Since then she has been allowed free access to the outside as her in-built food clocks brings her back spot on time for the next meal.   She is an outdoor girl and even sits out there in the heaviest downpours (just like Dilly used to do).    Beverley always towels her dry (amid yells of protest),   Waste of time -  she goes straight out again.

 She suffers from hyper-thyroidism for which she needs medication.  And thereís the rub !  You risk a sharp nip if you try to put a pill in her mouth and she refuses to eat any food which contains even a hint of a crushed up tablet !!

What to do ?  The answer is that she now goes to the vet on a regular basis to be given a long lasting steroid injection and also has a cream rubbed into her ears each day (under protest!)  which helps to control the hyperthyroidism.

Life with Dinky can be trying  but itís  never dull !

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