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Sadly , due to so many animals being abused and "dumped” CLAWS is now full. When you call us and we say that we are full, we do mean it. We love animals and it is as upsetting for us to turn you away as it is for you to be refused. Please do not be reduced to abusing either myself or the VOLUNTEER who kindly mans the help line. It gets you nowhere. So please do not call us to take in your cat. We physically can not do it. We can still help on the neutering , vaccination and michrochip side.



On 10 June it  becomes mandatory for all cats of 20 weeks or more to be microchipped and their details registered with the appropriate microchip company.

Failure to do this may end in heartache when your pet disappears  and cannot be traced and a fine of £500.

Don’t delay make an appointment with your vet today to have your pet microchipped


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Update your cat's microchip details for FREE

Our CATS (Cats and Their Stats) Report 2022 found that around 600,000 cats have microchip details that are not up to date!  To encourage cat owners to update their cat's microchip details and increase the chances of a happy reunion if they become lost, pet protection company identibase is hosting 'identiday' on Monday 20 March 2023

On this date, owners whose cats are registered with, the identibase database will be able to update their contact details free of charge.

To update your details, visit If you are not sure which database holds your pet's details, you can enter  your cat's microchip
number on the identibase website to find out.

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