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Toby Hector
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C-L-A-W-S Twinkle

Twinkle   Twinkle

LULU had been coming to the kitchen window at Bear Cottage for food for some time.  

One morning she brought a friend with her – a beautiful brindled tortie.    She was very nervous and didn’t eat the food we put out for her but she came back when everything was quiet to enjoy her meal.

It became a daily routine – they would come for food, eat it and disappear over the roof tops.  TWINKLE, as we called her, soon became more confident than LULU coming into the kitchen to ask for a second breakfast !!  

She has become a real madam and now will only eat certain flavours beef being her favourite.  It is amazing how soon strays overcome their initial fear !

Beverley began to worry how they would survive the harsh winter weather so purchased two sturdy "kennels” which were attached to the flat roof over the utility room at the back of the cottage.   Their addresses are 1A and 1B Bear Cottage !   They were filled with cosy blankets and we put some treats in them too to encourage the girls to take up residence.  

It didn’t take long before they had established themselves in their new quarters and repulsed forays by Elvis and Toby to oust them.

Over the years TWINKLE has spent more and more time indoors until one cold winter morning Beverley came down to see her curled up in one of the cat beds. 

For some time her favourite place to sleep was in her bed on the microwave but as she has became braver she sleeps in her bed on the kitchen table.
She loves treats but her favourite eating  place changes almost daily.  On the stove (it is, of course, switched off), on the top of the washing machine or on the kitchen table.

She has been accepted by the rest of the Bear Cottage gang with the exception of Toby who occasionally "has a go” at her so we keep an eye open so we can head him off as he is about twice her size.  As her confidence has grown she sometimes gives as good as she gets and you see the two of them disappearing through the kitchen window and up and over the fence. 

There is lots of growling and hissing but it isn’t long before they return and all is well.

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We were contacted by a member of staff at Cliveden when she noticed that a cat she and a colleague had been looking after came for breakfast one morning with an injured tail.   She thought it might have been attacked by a fox.

It had been resident there for several years and had been named Pussikins. When Beverley arrived with a trap the cat was there and she was able to look at the wound.    It was not a bite but a long wound which might have been made when the cat got caught on a thorny bush or entangled on barbed wire.

She set the trap and suggested they back off in the hope the cat would enter the trap.   In the meantime one of its "carers” leaned over grasped the cat in both hands and put it in the basket.   It was taken to Alma Vets for treatment.  It was a female and was micro-chipped so the first thing to do, apart from administer pain relief and antibiotics, was to contact the microchip company so her owners could be traced.  Her owner had died about 4 years ago and the contact telephone number was her daughter’s who, though unable to offer her a home, has been following her progress with keen interest.

The cat was called Bo Bo and disappeared within a few weeks of going to live with her mum who resided in Taplow so she hadn’t strayed far.  A waiver of ownership form was despatched for completion by the daughter which enabled treatment to commence.

She was sedated so a thorough examination could be carried out.   Her tail was badly damaged and had to be amputated.   Her pelvis had been fractured (probably as a result of an RTA) It had been left to self-heal as a result of which it was now crooked so that her hips were twisted (causing her to limp)   Her left back paw was causing her severe pain so it was X-rayed.  There was no physical injury  :  the vet thought it might be a touch a sciatica so she will be on pain relief for the foreseeable future.
She was discharged into C.L.A.W.S. care with the full support of the 2 staff who had cared for her at Cliveden.    One of them has already been to visit her.

We called her NANCY (because of the Aster connection with Cliveden).  Since taking up residence she has developed quite a personality, growling menacingly when one of theo ther cats comes to see her.    It is a case of her growl is worse than her bite !!  She comes out of her bed to greet you and sometimes sits beside you.   She has started to play with her toys – a mouse suspended on a piece of string is one of her favourites.   She is constantly "humming” to herself – it’s as if she is going up and down the scales.

She needs lots more time and intensive care so she will stay with C.L.A.W.S at least for the winter so she can regain her health and strength.