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C-L-A-W-S Minstrel and Tina

Minstrel      Tina
Minstrel                                                         Tina
Minstrel    Tina

MINSTREL (mum) and TINA (daughter) were taken into care in the autumn of 2014.  They had been sheltering under a hedge.

Initially they were taken into the house for assessment.   Although wary and easily spooked it was apparent that MINSTREL was used to people and was yet another abandoned domestic.  TINA, about 4 months old, was terrified and it was obvious that she had never been handled.

Their carer suggested that they be moved in with the Divas, a friendly and relaxed trio, as there was an empty cat cabin in their enclosure.

It was not an obvious combination but it has worked well.   Minstrel and Tina established themselves on the roof of their cat cabin so they could survey the scene.

Minstrel came down to explore and met the Divas.   All was well.   Tina remained on the roof only coming down to eat when it was quiet.

Gradually over the past 10 years Minstrel has become more confident.  She played with the Divas and even joined them in their cabin for a snooze.  Tina is still very shy but spends much more time on the ground She doesn’t run away as often when you approach her and on a very good day you can stroke her – just !

MINSTREL was very interested when in 2018 the first residents were transferred to the recently completed new enclosure (just opposite the Divas residence) which meant more people were going to and fro which seems to have brought her out of herself still further.   

Even Tina has been watching the new arrivals.  An unexpected benefit from the new enclosure !!.

When we sadly lost the Divas Tula and Ziva joined them and over the years have become a  well knit group.

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