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C-L-A-W-S Beth


BETH AND OLIVER were only kittens when they came to C.L.A.W.S. in the autumn of 2016 and are now about 5 years old. 

Beth has always been shy.   As a kitten she spent most of her time hiding behind her bed.  There were times when she was brave enough to come to the front of the pen and very occasionally she would allow her carer to stroke her but sadly her courage failed her and she returned to the back of the pen.

Oliver always kept a watchful eye on his little sister ready to offer moral support when necessary.   When she, along with Oliver, Meg and Ruby, moved to the new enclosure she took up residence on the roof of the cat cabin (the higher a cat can get the safer it feels) only descending when all was quiet.

Often when we approached the enclosure all we could see were the tips of her ears above the apex of the cat cabin.   Then she started to  come down on to the roof of the litter tray compartment when she saw food coming and now even gets up on to the shelf overlooking the fields to eat it sometimes.   She enjoys treats but waits until her carer has started to leave the enclosure before eating them.

When we look down the garden we can see her playing with Oliver, Meg and Ruby so she is happy within her "family” group.

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