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Toby Hector
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C-L-A-W-S Cassie


Cassie was one of the 12 cats from the same house taken into care in 2014. She is about 12 years old.

By 2016 CASSIE had made good progress and was ready to be re-homed. At that time a long-time supporter of C.L.A.W.S. was looking for a cat to adopt. Cassie was very nervous at the first visit but when the lady returned a second time Cassie was more relaxed and she offered her a home. Having had experience of nervous cats in the past the lady was prepared for her to hide away initially. We were in touch with her as the weeks went by. Little progress was made until eventually after 6 weeks she asked us reluctantly to take her back.

Her friends Joules and Violet were pleased to see her and it was obvious that she was happy to be "home”. In 2016 they became the first residents in the new enclosure. They enjoyed the freedom of their new home with the vistas over the surrounding countryside,.

They were joined by the Hooligans (see separate article) in 2017 and when Joules and Violet moved to the Golden Oldies pen in 2018 Cassie remained behind .

She got along famously with the youngsters and they could often be seen rubbing noses, grooming each other and playing together.

So she is known as "Auntie” Cassie.

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