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Thaisce (pronounced Toshka) was my first cat and he came into my life when my best friend died and he needed a new home. Although I knew him, I was concerned about taking him into my life because of the responsibility that went with this. However, within 24 hours I had fallen head over heels in love with him, and he was an incredibly special part of my life for eight years, and I adored him. I was heart broken when he died and wasn't sure if I could have another cat in my life. However, a work friend told me about CLAWS, as she had adopted her cat Jack, from the charity. I got in touch about six months after Thaisce's death and met Molly and Lulu for the first time. They were named Cherry and Blossom at the time, but for a number of reasons I wanted to change Cherry's name, and decided to also change Blossom's name. Cherry became Molly very quickly as I said to her that she was 'a little Molly minx' as she was curious and into everything - including a loaf of bread!

I couldn't find a name for Blossom though and it was after a number of days of trying various names that I eventually settled upon Lulu - although I have no idea where the name came from. She very quickly be-came Loopy Loo as she is quite silly at times! I have to be careful when I talk to her because she can become very soppy and just fall off the chair arm! They both like the various cat climbing frames I have around the flat.

Molly does like her cat igloo and brings me her toy mice at night, and Lulu seems to like sitting or lying in the bath (without water obviously!) They have lots of toys and have mad moments when they chase each other around the flat. Those are the times when I have learned to stay out of their way as I have been 'mown down' on a couple of occasions! They are very loving and affectionate and I can't imagine my life without them. Then about 3 years ago a stray cat entered my mum and sister's garden. My sister already had 3 rescued cats, a rescue dog and lots of rescue guinea pigs and rabbits and couldn't at that point take on another cat. Although he had been neutered, he wasn't micro-chipped, and the vet thought that his original family had probably just moved away and not taken him with them. I agreed to take him in, and so Alfie entered our lives. He is also black and white, but long-haired, and a bit younger than the girls. It took some work to integrate him into our home but things are settled now and the three of them generally get along reasonably well, although I have to 'referee' on occasions!

I love them all so much and they are my joy and my life. I am sometimes called a 'crazy cat lady' at work, but that's absolutely fine with me!

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