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Toby Hector
Daisy Big Boy




There came a knock at the door. There stood a man with a very smelly hessian shopping bag in his hands. "You are the cat lady aren’t you ? Can you help me please?” The bag was gently snoring as    opened it up. There was a big ball of twigs, horse manure, leaves and god knows what else. Very very gently I parted the leaves to see two big golden eyes staring at me.  This poor little cat had obviously been wandering for a long time, had got caught in bushes and goodness knows what and was now in this sorry state. 

There was nothing that I could do to help her without hurting her, so I took her straight to the vet  who very gently  took her out of the bag for a better look. It was then that the thundering purrs hit us. I felt that this little creature knew that we were trying to help her.    As this was going to be a long job, I went home to await a call.

It turned out that she was a beautiful grey Persian queen. She had been used for breeding and was now no longer wanted. The nurses had had to shave all her fur off because it was so matted and full of rubbish. She was given a health check and neutered. 

This adorable little girl then came to live with me. I called her Patsy because she looked just like the character that Joanna Lumley played in Ab Fab. Hair piled on top of her head and squinty eyes. And character she stayed.

She would sit every week on the kitchen wall between the gardener and his son.  They always had fish and chips for lunch and Patsy would join them !    Her fur grew back and she became a wonderful companion for many years leaving us at a ripe old age of 20.

 I always have a friend to decorate for me, and he loved Patsy. Whilst out shopping I saw his wife, and she said that her husband had asked her to put more filling in his sandwiches because Patsy liked every filling that he had!!!!!! He just got to eat the bread!!! 


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